Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)2019-01-18T15:14:12-05:00
Can I bring in my own food?2019-01-25T16:47:59-05:00

We have a strict No Outside Food policy at Crystal Bees. The only outside food we allow in is a cake. Please do not bring in cookies, cupcakes, coffee, etc. We are liable for anyone who gets sick from food that is consumed on premise regardless of if it was made by us. We make an exception for cake so that those who want to celebrate a birthday here can still have some candles to blow out! There is a $15 cake cutting fee, however. This covers the cost of a server cutting your cake (if you so choose) as well as plates, napkins, a knife, utensils and clean up afterwards.

Can I Eat/Drink While I Watch The Bands?2019-04-05T14:26:24-04:00

Of course! Menus are available at every table! There is also a bar in the performance area to accommodate all of your alcoholic beverage needs!

Can I hire a DJ or any other vendor for my party?2019-01-18T15:24:31-05:00

All vendors must be booked through Crystal Bees and their fees will be included on your contract. We have a great list of DJs, photographers, clowns, bounce house vendors and many other services that you can add to enhance your party experience!

Can I make a bowling reservation?2019-04-05T14:41:23-04:00

We take bowling reservations for weekdays ONLY! Bowling on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays is first come first serve!

We can only take non-paid reservations starting seven days prior to the date you would like.

We also have our Bistro then Bowl promotion which can be used if you do not have a reservation. If we have a bowling wait-list and we are unable to get your group bowling right away, add your name to the wait-list and take a seat in our Bistro! If everyone in your party orders an entrée or equivalent, then we can bump you to the top of the bowling wait-list!

Can I rent out the Patio for my private event?2019-01-18T14:20:21-05:00

You absolutely can! We have a food and beverage minimum requirement, similar to the VIP Lounge. This means that you would have to spend a certain amount in food and/or beverages to reserve the Patio and make it an exclusive area for your guests.

  • Sunday-Thursday: $300
  • Friday and Saturday: $500
Do I need to put down a deposit for my party?2019-01-18T14:17:05-05:00

We require a nonrefundable deposit for all private parties which are due within three business days of you receiving your contract.

If you are purchasing the Birthday Bash package there is a $50 deposit.

If you are purchasing any other party package the deposit is 25% of the estimated party bill.

Does Crystal Bees have invitations or decorations available for purchase?2019-06-08T13:57:29-04:00

We  have invitations available: $5 for standard invitations and $8 for a customized design!

If you would like to bring in your own decorations, you are welcome to do so! We just have a few restrictions; please no balloons, glitter, confetti or silly string. We also don’t allow anything taped to the walls.

How do I plan a private party?2019-01-18T15:22:37-05:00

You can either click this link to go to our online inquiry form or you can call the Sales Office at (860) 276-2337, EXT 1 to speak with our Sales Team. Our party packages and menus are located here. We have various information listed below regarding our private rooms and commonly asked questions about private events.

How do I rent out the VIP Lounge?2019-01-18T15:06:36-05:00

There is a food and beverage minimum required to rent the VIP Lounge exclusively for your event for a three-hour duration. What this means is, if you spend a certain amount in food and beverages you can use the VIP Lounge for no additional cost, PLUS the bowling, and corn hole are yours to use for the duration of the event. We suggest renting this area for parties of 50 people or more.

The food and beverage minimums are:

  • Sunday through Thursday: $1,250 food and beverage minimum
  • Friday and Saturday: $1,500 food and beverage minimum

If you do not meet the minimum but still wish to rent out our VIP Lounge we can apply a room rental fee to bring your food and beverage total up to the required minimum.

How does the arcade work?2019-01-25T16:54:38-05:00

Our games run from $0.50-$2.00, except for the photo-booth which costs $5.00. You can put any whole dollar amount on an arcade card.

Everything is electronic:

  • Swipe the card to activate the game
  • Any tickets you win will automatically load onto your arcade card and can be redeemed for prizes.
I Just Purchased Tickets Online for an Event. When Will I Get Them?2019-04-05T13:54:37-04:00

Tickets will be e-mailed to you once payment has cleared. This usually happens in just a few hours or less.

I Want To Book My Band. Who Do I Contact?2019-04-05T14:45:34-04:00

Fill out the form below and we will forward your information over to our booking agent!


Band Contact Us

Is Crystal Bees for adults or children?2019-06-08T13:58:20-04:00

Crystal Bees is a unique venue that is fun for all ages! We encourage a family friendly atmosphere during the day and transition into an adult bar atmosphere at night. Fridays and Saturdays, we have live bands and although all shows are all ages, our clientele shifts to a more adult, bar crowd.

Is There A Cover Charge on the Weekend?2019-05-27T15:19:38-04:00

General Admission at Crystal Bees is always free! If you are coming here to see a live performance, a cover charge will apply to enter the performance area. You can find direct costs in our event calendar.

Is There Seating By The Band Performance?2019-04-05T14:24:49-04:00

There is! Seating (including tables) is currently available on a first come first served basis.

What Happens If I Forget My Ticket?2019-04-05T14:23:53-04:00

No worries! We have a record of everyone who purchased tickets! A valid form of identification will be required to confirm your ticket purchase.

What happens if my party is on the Patio, but it rains or is too cold?2019-01-18T14:20:03-05:00

When booking parties on the Patio, we always ensure we have a back-up plan if the weather is less than ideal. We will make sure there are enough tables in our Main Lounge for your party.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my event?2019-01-18T14:16:02-05:00

There are different cancellation policies depending on the type of event you booked with us; the details are outlined in the contract fine print.

Any money paid towards the event is nonrefundable but can be transferred to a new date if you reschedule with us.

What if my guest count is different from the guest count listed on my contract?2019-01-18T14:16:35-05:00

The guest count that is listed on your contract is an estimate that we use to accurately order food and staff accordingly. Three business days prior to your event we will check in with you to get your finalized guest count and that is what we use to calculate how much is owed. Anyone that attends your event that was not included in the final guest count can be paid for the day of.

What is the 20% service charge on my contract?2019-01-25T16:57:33-05:00

There is a 20% service charge applied to the food and beverage total which covers the cost of an increased hourly wage for the server(s) assigned to your event. Your server(s) will work your party exclusively and are responsible for bringing out your food, attending your buffet, clearing tables, assisting with bowling needs and helping with any other miscellaneous tasks you may have.

What is the Godfather Room?2019-01-18T14:20:49-05:00

The Godfather Room is an area within the Bistro that can be reserved for large walk-in groups or private events. We have seating for up to 40 people and the area is located near the main bar.

Room rental rates for the Godfather Room for three hours are:

  • Sunday-Thursday: $100
  • Friday and Saturday: $200
What is the VIP Lounge?2019-01-18T15:06:36-05:00

The VIP Lounge is section of Crystal Bees that is often used for private events and has four bowling lanes and corn hole, as well as its own bar, restrooms and entrance. If this area is not rented out for a private party, the bowling lanes, and corn hole sets are available for purchase by walk-in customers.

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